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The perfect size for your home security

U.S. Storm Shelters interior safe rooms are not only affordable but also customizable, and are made to be installed in your existing home, office, or garage. U.S. Storm Shelters provides flexible options and sizes to fit anywhere from a small closet space to safely house 2 standing adults, up to a full-size safe room for your garage or any larger space that provides 8' x 8' of space.

Whether you are wanting some additional home security from intruders, or to provide storm or tornado protection which can be installed in your home or office, a personal safe room is the perfect solution. U.S. Storm Shelters makes all of the safe rooms with an exterior height of 7' with passive ventilation. They are built with structural steel C channels and engineer evaluated, debris impact tested, ATSA certified, and rated for EF-5 storms. Check out our interior safe room specifications and sizing options.

Think of your safe room as your in-house bank vault, providing you and your family safety and security from a storm or an intruder. An additional bonus feature is that your personal safe room can be removed and re-installed if you decide to move. Your safe room can move with you at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase a new one. Our efficient and trained installers will provide on-time and on-budget service.

Talk with one of our customer support staff at (800) 379-9712or(800) 868-5799 and ask us about installing a personal safe room in your home or office.

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