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Frequently asked questions about personal safe rooms security, construction and more

Do you have questions about a personal home safe room? We have answers. We receive inquiries and questions related to our safe rooms involving the overall construction, sizing options, installation/dis-assembly and safety concerns often. Here are just a few of those question and answers.

Can your safe rooms withstand a tornado?

No one can predict the actual performance of any structure for tornadoes or storms, but U.S. Storm Shelters' designs incorporate current knowledge on how to best protect the occupants during such conditions. Additionally, our shelters have been engineer evaluated, debris impact tested and ATSA certified. Our safe rooms are rated for EF-5 storms and are installed using numerous Hilti« 1/2" diameter building anchors.

Where can we get our personal safe room installed?

Our safe rooms can be installed in the smallest of closet spaces, under stairs, in offices and garages. We currently have 10 sizing options ranging from the smallest footprint at 38 1/2" x 50 1/2" up to our full size of just over 8' x 8' all with a 7' high exterior height.

What about lighting and air-flow in the safe room?

They come standard with an interior LED lighting and include air flow through passive ventilation within the safe room unit so that there are no large openings through which debris can enter.

What about when we move locations?

One of the greatest features of a personal safe room is that they can be disassembled and reassembled in your new location for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new replacement safe room. So, your personal safe room moves with you wherever you go.

Okay, I'm sold. What about financing?

We partner with Home Loan Pros who provide 100% financing available for our storm shelters and safe rooms. They provide a quick loan approval process and offer 0% APR programs including 0% credit cards for home improvement projects. Check out available options for financing options on your home.

Check out more information about our home personal safe rooms, their construction and safety.

Don't forget our Might Mite personal safe rooms, the perfect size for a small, basic safe room option.

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