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>> Tornado Statistics for Fall and Winter Months

Looking at past tornado history can help you plan for the future

When it comes to predicting weather conditions, remaining mindful of dangerous weather and tornado statistics is always a good thing. During the months of October and November, typical hotspots occur throughout eastern Texas but are certainly less in occurrence than during the heart of the tornado season months of early Spring and Summer.

Tornadoes were spotted across the western counties of East Texasand in South Texas during the end of October 2015, so it's a good thing to be aware of ever-changing weather conditions by listening to your local news sources like and Texas tends to lead the mid-west and south eastern states normally with tornado touch downs and frequency. Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas all follow the tornado frequency.

We recommend a good source for tornado statistics at United States Tornadoes, which gives a great "past, present and future" comparison as well as informational maps. Additionally, this site provides a good forecast source as well as tracking of current tornadoes.

While U.S. Storm Shelters' tornado tested products' goal is to provide safe shelter during dangerous storms and tornadoes, being aware of upcoming conditions and active storms will help you and your family or business prepare for the future.

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