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There are numerous storm shelter installers throughout Texas and its surrounding states, primarily because Texas traditionally sees the most tornado occurances in the United States. Many rural and urban communities do not provide ample protection in the event of a close or direct hit tornado. So, how do you make a choice on who to choose for your tornado shelter and who do you get to install it?

First look at the manufacturer of the tornado shelter and ask:

  • "Are they in Texas?"

  • "Do they also install and certify the shelter?"

  • "Are they locally owned and operated in Texas?"

  • "Do they provide a 3rd party engineered, evaluated, and tested tornado shelter?

  • "Can I evaluate the type of materials used in its construction?"

  • "If it's a concrete shelter, is it sealed and crack resistant?"

  • "Are they professionally installed at my location?"

While no tornado shelter can predict the actual performance of any structure for tornadoes, U.S. Storm Shelters is based in Texas, manufactures in Texas, operates primarily in Texas, and would answer every one of the above questions as "Yes".

We invite you to compare any number of the Texas-based tornado shelter manufactures or installers with U.S. Storm Shelters and let you be the judge on the overall quality of the product and professionalism of service and installation.

Call us toll-free today at (800) 379-9712 or (800) 868-5799 and let one of our customer support staff answer any of your tornado shelter questions.

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