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>> Improve Your Home Value and Security with a Personal Safe Room

A home addition that can move with you to keep you safe and secure

It's true, U.S. Storm Shelters safe rooms are designed for easy installation in your home or business by simply attaching to the concrete foundation. One of their greatest benefits, besides keeping you safe from dangerous tornadoes or unwanted intruders, is that it is designed to move with you no matter where you go. Our storm shelters are engineered to be disassembled properly and relocated to your new home, so it's an investment that continues to reap rewards and stays with you.

Think of the many home improvements and additions made to your home. Some simply provide the desired convenience, accommodation or enhancement, and some, at the same time, provide added value. A U.S. Storm Shelter personal safe rooms do just that, but also give you the option to take it with you, which is certainly different from any other home improvement you might make.

With a variety of sizing options, from the Mighty Mite I with an exterior measurement of 26.5" x 38.5" all the way up to our 8 ft. x 8 ft full size installation. You essentially have a personal "bank vault" attached directly to your concrete floor that can be moved with you if you so desire.

Talk with us today by calling (800) 379-9712 or (800) 868-5799 and let us answer your questions about installing a personal safe room in your home and increasing your personal security and adding value to your home or business.

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