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Providing safety and security from tornadoes

Both above and below ground, storm shelters remain a growing industry due to the need for protection from annual severe weather and tornadoes that sweep through the country. Whether you are inside an interior above ground safe room or sheltering in an outdoor below ground storm shelter, the purpose is for your shelter to protect you from severe weather.

At U.S. Storm Shelters, we provide both options, including our "Original" in-ground concrete storm shelter, which has up to a 12 person capacity. This steel reinforced concrete bunker exceeds FEMA standards with 6,500 PSI, self-healing concrete throughout, weighing in at approximately 6 tons. The "Original" carries a 15-year limited warranty against leaks, and all shelters have been tested and certified.

Our steel interior safe rooms are aimed at providing flexible options for sizing in different spaces. They provide the perfect solution for installation in closets or garages and are anchored directly to the concrete slab foundation of your home or office. Think of a personal safe room like your own security vault that has been rated for EF-5 storms, third party engineer evaluated, debris impact tested, and ATSA certified. Sizes start as small as outside dimensions of only 26 1/2" inches x 38 1/2" inches all the way up to an 8' x 8' room. Best of all, if you decide to move, your personal safe room can be disassembled and re-assembled in your new location. Safety can move along with you, wherever you go.

So whether you are considering purchasing a below ground concrete storm shelter or an above ground steel safe room, consider talking with U.S. Storm Shelters, your certified storm shelter manufacturer and installer.

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