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>> Increase your home security with a personal panic room

Interior panic rooms are customizable and movable

Do you feel safe in your own home? Would you feel more secure if you had an interior panic room or personal safe room? Most certainly. It's true, panic rooms or interior safe rooms can provide an added level of security for you and your family in the event of dangerous storms or unwanted intruders.

It's something that you might not have considered before, but having a safe space in your home that offers structural steel "C" channels bolted into .22" thick angle iron frames, all bolted into your concrete slab using 1/2" grade 5 bolts, can most certainly help you sleep better an night. A panic or intruder room is similar to having your own personal gun safe.

U.S. Storm Shelters has been manufacturing, impact testing and ATSA (American Tornado Shelter Association) certifying interior safe rooms or panic rooms to withstand dangerous storms, tornadoes AND provide safety and security from intruders. They are built with two deadbolt locks and a 32" wide door and most opens to the interior.

Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes to fit in almost any closet or garage of your home. And all safe rooms or panic rooms have an exterior height of 7 feet and can be made to hold anywhere from 2 full size adults up to a full size 8 foot x 8 foot. Another added benefit is that your safe room can be installed almost anywhere you have a slab foundation, and it can be disassembled and re-assembled if you decide to move to another location. Safety can move with you wherever you go.

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