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Looking for options and pricing on indoor and outdoor storm shelters?

The storm shelter industry has grown in the last decade giving rise to a variety of options to bring safety indoors and out. U.S. Storm Shelters manufactures and installs both an outdoor, in-ground concrete storm shelter called the "Original" that is designed to hold up to 12 people. Additionally, we offer an indoor personal safe room or panic room that has a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from that will fit into almost any interior space you can imagine.

For the exterior and in-ground concrete storm shelter, our "Original" comes in a single size with an interior space of 6' x 8' and is installed in an 8' x 10' hole dug in-ground at a 5' depth. It is built to exceed FEMA standards for storm shelter safety with a 10 gauge steel door, reinforced and waterproof concrete and weights approximately 12,000 pounds. Check out the Original for up to date pricing.

The interior safe rooms or panic rooms offer a variety of sizes that will fit in the smallest of home or office closets with our MightyMite I with outside dimensions of only 26 1/2" inches x 38 1/2" inches, enough for two standing adults. Our largest safe room comes in at a 8' x 8' footprint, perfect for a room or garage installation, anchored directly into the slab foundation. All of our interior storm shelters and safe rooms have a 7' exterior height.

Our safe room prices range from between $2,995 - $10,995 depending upon the particular size option that fits best for your spacing needs. All prices include custom installation as well. Check out more information on our the construction materials, safety features, and configuration options. Best of all, our interior safe rooms can be disassembled and moved if you decide to relocate to another home, so you can take safety and security with you wherever you go.

Contact our customer support today and let us answer any questions about storm shelter pricing and sizing options, and what best fits you and your family's needs. U.S. Storm Shelters is A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau and is a producing member of the ATSA (American Tornado Shelter Association.

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