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From time to time, we receive news articles or testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced dangerous storms and tornadoes first hand and were fortunate to have a safe room or concrete shelter to safely protect family and loved ones from the devastating effects of a storm.

This comes to us from the Dallas Morning News and is about a previous customer of US Storm Shelters. For this family, we installed a 6-by-8-by7 foot interior safe room in their garage where they easily and safely sheltered the family and pets from a tornado that tore through the North Texas area in April of 2012.

In addition, the article includes another customer in the Haslet area, near Fort Worth, who chose to install in in-ground concrete shelter for his family.

Whether you have considered purchasing an in-ground shelter or interior safe room before, or wondered what types of shelters and sizes are available, take a moment and read this article. Then contact US Storm Shelters and we'll discuss with you any questions you have or options that will help bring your family the safety and security from dangerous storms or tornadoes.

Dallas Morning News Article:

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