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Personal safety and security in your home

Interested in having quick and immediate access to a safe room or panic room in your home in the event of a break-in or looming tornado? Are you looking for a trusted residential safe room installer in Texas? U.S. Storm Shelters is a Texas-based certified personal safe room installer that has a variety of residential safe room sizes to fit almost any space in any home on a slab foundation.

Starting with safety in mind from the initial design, materials, and assembly, the professional installers at U.S. Storm Shelters can assemble your safe room inside homes and businesses, closets, garages, and most any other space that includes a slab foundation. Your safe room or panic room has been 3rd party engineer evaluated, impact tested, and certified by the American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA) with the ability to withstand EF-5 rated storms and meet or exceed industry standards for safety.

We understand that emergencies occur when we least expect it and safety can be a few steps away with a residential safe room. Our safe room solutions provide excellent protection against unwanted or hostile entry into your home or business, as well as immediate access to safety from tornadoes and severe weather. Every safe room has 7' exterior height, passive ventilation throughout so that there are no large openings which debris can enter through, and doors are made to be secured from the interior as well as provide a low threshold for easy wheelchair access.

We believe that everyone should have some form of protection, and a safe room can deliver that for your home. Contact one of our customer service staff today and let us help you select the right residential safe room for your home or business.

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