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>> Recent North Texas Storms Renew Interest in Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters

Homeowners and business owners consider the security of personal safe rooms

With the recent tornadoes that left a pathway of damage, destruction and deaths throughout North Texas, and in Rowlett and Dallas County, homeowners and businesses interest in safe rooms and storm shelters tend to increase. Homeowners who have thought about getting a storm shelter in the past are renewing their interest all the more.

With the increase in awareness comes a bonus in the form of a North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) safe room rebate program, which provides up to a $3,000 rebate to homeowners in 16 counties upon installation of an ATSA certified storm shelter or safe room.

A thankful customer in Rowlett, who previously had one of US Storm Shelters in ground concrete shelters installed, spoke with the Dallas Morning News about her story, and how her husband and 10 other neighbors retreated from the on-coming tornadoes and took shelter from an enormous funnel cloud above. Family members and neighbors alike knew of the storm shelter and they all joined, staying about 10 minutes until the tornado passed over and the storm subsided. While everyone was left shaken from the dangerous storm, they all agreed that the safety of the storm shelter was a great source of relief and were thankful for the shelter.

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Take a look at the video below from the Dallas Morning News interview, and click on the links below to read the interviews and articles for additional information about storm shelters, safe rooms, and rebates from the NCTCOG.

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