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>> Multiple tornadoes leave damage through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee

Alabama and Mississippi Tornado Damage

A long band of storms tracked to the east bringing with them another series of storms that delivered several damaging tornadoes across the southeast states. Flash flooding was a serious concern initially, but large storm cells, which started on a Southeast Mississippi radar, showed multiple tornadoes occurring late in the afternoon on Tuesday. These storms later tracked east into Alabama in the evening bringing with them damage to many homes, student housing at a college, a church, and then a prison in Aliceville, Alabama. Several counties in central Mississippi opened up community safe rooms to shelter people from the large storm front. The destructive tornadoes even continued into west Tennessee where school buildings were damaged, leaving them closed as of Wednesday morning.

The National Weather Service reported that multiple tornadoes occurred through Mississippi, touching down near Aliceville, Alabama. The storm cell spawned multiple tornadoes throughout northwest Alabama late into the night on Tuesday, leaving dozens of homes destroyed. Total count of tornadoes reported was 9, as of late Tuesday evening. Fortunately, no serious injuries or deaths occurred that were related to the storms.

On Wednesday, the National Weather Service forecasted flash flood threats continuing from the large storm cell early Tuesday throughout Wednesday through the southeastern states.

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