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Looking for a Texas-based manufacturer of quality tested and certified storm shelters?

When you are considering purchasing a safety and security product that is capable of saving and protecting the lives of family members, loved ones, and workers, you want to know how well that product is manufactured. This is a question we hear from inquiring customers regularly, and it is one that we are glad to answer.

If your family has been contemplating purchasing an exterior storm shelter, and has been searching for a Texas-based manufacturer of high-quality exterior storm shelters, then you need to talk with one of our safety experts at U.S. Storm Shelters.

We enjoy answering questions from customers, and we especially like comparison questions when it comes to our quality construction, manufacturing and installation. Our manufacturing facility is located southeast of Decatur, Texas. From our smallest in-ground concrete shelter, to our in-home steel safe rooms, U.S. Storm Shelters is proud to deliver a quality product to families and businesses all over Texas.

U.S. Storm Shelters is a proud member of the American Tornado Shelter Association and even prouder to be a Texas-based storm shelter manufacturer and installer. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well. We invite you to ask us questions about our manufacturing process to be better acquainted with the difference we bring to the market, especially when it involves the safety of you and your family.

Looking for a Trusted Storm Shelter Manufacturer and Installer?