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>> December 2015 made tornado history in North & Central Texas

Good source for North Central Texas Tornado Statistics

There are a variety of good, reputable sources for weather statistics, and ones that provide decades of data that are good to have on hand during tornado season. In particular, the National Weather Service maintains an extensive archive of data related to the December 26, 2015 deadly tornadoes that caused significant damage throughout 8 counties and left 13 individuals dead.

With plenty of helpful information on the NOAA National Weather Service site, this link provides exceptional details on the specifics of these dangerous tornadoes including picures of the extensive damage left behind, information on climatology during that time, radar imagery, and details on the confirmed 12 tornadoes, 3 of which were rated as EF-2 or higher.

U.S. Storm Shelters does its best to keep the public aware of tornado activity as well as helpful statistics and information for the safety of us all.

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