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>> Tornado Season Approaches - Know the Statistics and Stay Informed

NOAA / National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center

Tornadoes have been in the local North Central Texas news in the last month, and the people of North Texas have been getting ready for the upcoming more active months of tornado season. In an effort to keep our customers aware and informed, we would like to share some additional tornado statistics and helpful online sources for tornado news and information. It's certainly a good idea to stay informed and have as much information as possible ahead of a likely event in your area.

The following site has a few good articles online. The first is the NOAA / National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center. This site provides up-to-date information on weather conditions, a 3-day severe thunderstorm outlook, critical fire weather forecasts, and a tornado watch summary, which outlines visually where the notices for tornado watches have been issued in areas within the United States.

Our aim has always been the safety and security of our products against the damaging winds and flying debris during a tornado or severe storm conditions. From always improving our exterior storm shelters or interior safe rooms, U.S. Storm Shelters always believes that a well-informed customer is a more prepared customer.

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