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Our Shelters

In-Home Above Ground Shelters

A fortress inside your home or office without remodeling. Quick safety from storms or intruders and secure storage for your valuables...a U.S. Safe Room does it all. Sizes and shelter capacities ranging from 2 to 12 people with custom sized commercial units available.

Starting at $2,995 plus sales tax, & delivery if applicable.

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Original Concrete In-Ground Storm Shelter

Our most popular shelter model at 6'x8' inside with a 6'2" ceiling height and capacity for 8 people. Constructed of 6,500 PSI concrete reinforced with fibermesh and 3/8" rebar every 12 inches or less throughout. The Original weighs over 6 tons.

$3,495 plus sales tax, & delivery if applicable.

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Adding Utilities

Our shelters do not come pre-wired for electricity or any other utilities. These items can be added following installation if desired. U.S. Storm Shelters recommends using a licensed professional electrician or telephone installer to handle these additions.

For concrete shelters, have your electrician drill any necessary conduit access holes in the base of one of the vent shafts on the roof of the shelter. This is far easier than attempting to drill through concrete and allows for easy installation of conduit and a clean seal. In some cases, a cell phone will work in these units but service varies by location and equipment.

Safe rooms can be modified for electricity and telephone by simply running conduit through the vent space below the door.

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