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Dimensions Price*
Mighty Mite $2,995 Installed*
Mighty Mite II $3,795 Installed*
Mighty Mite III$4,595 Installed*
4' x 4' $5,995 Installed*
4' x 5' $6,595 Installed*
4' x 6' $7,795 Installed*
4' x 8' $8,795 Installed*
6' x 6' $8,795 Installed*
6' x 8' $9,795 Installed*
8' x 8' $10,995 Installed*
Custom sizes available. Please call for evidence rooms, community shelters & other applications.

In-Home Storm Shelters

U.S. Safe Rooms are designed for installation inside any existing home or office constructed on a concrete slab foundation. Designed as a component unit, these interior shelters can be erected inside your home or office without the need for expensive remodeling. Much like a bank vault, a U.S. Safe Room provides convenience and quick access to safety.

More than just a storm shelter, U.S. Safe Rooms come standard with dual deadbolt locks to serve as secure storage as well as a panic/intruder room.

 Introducing the Mighty Mite - Only $2,995!

Each U.S. Safe Room is constructed of 3/16" thick, 35,000 lb. yield, steel "C" channel on 1/4" steel frames. Each plate is mounted to the 1/4" steel roof and floor frame using 1/2" grade 5 bolts. The wall and roof channels are 8" in width with 2 1/4" ribs for greater reinforcement than can be achieved with a wider channel. The floor frame is anchored to your foundation using Hilti 1/2" building anchors.

Standard sizes and prices are shown in the chart above. Custom sizes are available, please call for information.

Note: Please allow an additional 7 inches length and 3 inches width for installation. For example, a 4'x6' safe room will require a minimum of 4'3" x 6'7" of floor space.

Each U.S. Safe Room comes standard with a 32" inch wide door that opens to the interior of the unit. All standard doors are low threshold for wheelchair accessibility.

In the event of a storm, the door is secured from the interior with tubular steel cross members in addition to two deadbolt locks. Doors may be located in any wall and may be hinged to open to the right or the left.

All of our safe rooms have an exterior height of 7' with an interior height of 6'9". Air flow is handled through passive ventilation throughout the unit so that there are no openings through which debris can enter the room. U.S. Safe Rooms come standard with a base paint coat of beige.

A 20% deposit is required safe rooms and lead time is normally 4 to 6 weeks. Smaller units may be available in stock.

4x8 Safe Room 4x4 Safe Rooms

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