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U.S. Storm Shelters

Wow!! Fantastic service and job well done. Very impressed with professional workers all the way around. Thank you for your service. My family couldn't be more pleased.

Eric B. from Texas

Good afternoon,

You installed a shelter on our property a year ago, 13700 n County Line Rd.

Can't thank you enough. We have had 2 tornadoes go over us in the last couple of weeks (N County Line Rd., N of 380) and my farm manager is getting pretty comfortable in that shelter.

No leaks, and looks great. Best of all it makes us all breathe easier knowing it is just outside the door and we know she is safe. What a relief.
Can't thank you enough.

Sue from
Dallas, TX

I appreciate your taking care of my problem. I came outside to do a chore, and I found your employee hard at work, "providing customer service"!. You guys are the best and I love my shelter.

Thank you, thank you and thank you,
Charles A.,

U.S. Storm Shelters

"The shelter really has more than one single use, in this way, it makes the house look better (stands out the main entrance), works as a deck, saves dead space in another area,  it is an actual shelter, and increases the value of the can even build a dog house under the wood deck next to it!"

Al from Texas

"Thanks so much for the repair work sent our way. Your employee did a superb job and along with the work, he was so helpful and courteous throughout the process.
I believe we are in good shape now. Also, thanks for your prompt replies and in sending someone this distance so quickly."
D. Streck

"Thank God we have not had to use ours but it's a comfort knowing it's there & ready to be used... U.S. Storm Shelters installed that comfort."

D. Streck

"Just wanted to let you know that your guys finished the installation this afternoon and it turned out great. They are some damn hard workers and know what they are doing.
We are going to do some landscaping and lay about 20 pallets of sod in the spring so we'll pretty it up then but at least we have a place to go if Mother Nature tries to take us out!
U.S. Storm SheltersAs an FYI.. even though the backhoe broke I can tell you from experience that your guys are not abusive to your equipment, they lubed everything at the start and don't work the equipment in a sloppy or abusive way. They are a good team for sure."

Brad G.

"Kudos to your crew led by Jr. He does a great job of representing your company while working hard to get the job done quickly and efficiently! Great experience for us! Will highly recommend your company."

Larry and Dalena C.
Tolar, TX

"G'Morn to you and your dad.

My wife and I skyped with Courtney and Dave last night and got a "tour" of the shelter. Seeing it in their garage was such an awesome sense of relief to know that it's ready now (if need be). You folks delivered on a quality product... exactly as you promised. It would give me great pleasure to shake your hand. Please feel free to use this endorsement as you see fit. We would recommend U S Storm Shelters without hesitation."
My very best regards for you all...
J. Kozak

After much debate, we finally decided it was time to install a storm shelter. We found your company online and made arrangement to visit your facility. Very impressed with your product and the way you do business. You called us back with an install date and time. Your crew arrived eight (8) minutes before time. They were so polite and courteous, and did an outstanding installation. They leveled the outside, swept out the inside and even helped me get down the steps. Great crew!!!

Brett, you have an outstanding product and we are proud to recommend you to our family, friends and neighbors. Just hope we never have to use it, except for storing canned goods. You have our permission to use this review for future customers.

D. and J. Nickerson


U.S. Storm SheltersThank you. I appreciate your service and provided product. I will certainly refer your company whenever I can. With best regards."

C. D. Newby

"U.S. Storm Shelters out of Decatur TX did my shelter and I was very much more than pleased. They were on time and communicated with me about the procedure and what to expect. You may find someone almost as good but you WILL NOT find anyone any better at their job. The product (standard) was everything they described and they took forever making sure it was level. First class all the way in my book".

John H.
McKinney, TX

"Brett, your crew did a fantastic job this morning setting up the shelter, it's everything I expected and I am very pleased with your product. I have a number of people to show it to, so maybe you'll end up with some additional sales. Say thanks to Ron for me also."

John G.
Cleburne, TX

(John purchased one of our Mighty Mite I safe rooms)

"Thank you so much for getting my shelter done so quickly. You have restored my faith that some people do keep their word. 2 great guys working for you too. They did a great job. Very happy."

Sandra L.
Poolville, TX

“I just had to send you some pictures of my new storm shelter, that your specialized crew installed! Now days good customer service is very hard to find as well as a great product. You, my friend, have both. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the job well done. U.S. Storm Shelters are well built shelters, and the peace of mind I have for my family can't be matched. Great job! Thank you!” Forrest J.
Denton, TX


“Just wanted to let you and Ron know what happened a couple of weeks ago. On a Wednesday morning we went under a Tornado Watch and we were in a “High Risk” zone for strong storms and potential tornadoes in the heat of the day. Wanda was at home all day, and I went to work (about 30 miles away). Thinking we had the all clear about 4 pm, I decided to go by a job of mine about 7 miles south of here on the way home. Just as I got to the job, Wanda called and said we were just issued a tornado warning, but TV said that it was in the north part of the county, and I told Wanda to get our 2 cats and go to the shelter just in case.

About 2 minutes after this, I turned on the radio in my truck to listen to the weather on the local radio station, they broadcast Channel 12 Weather (when severe weather is in the area). The next thing I heard on the radio, was that a trained tornado spotter had spotted a tornado on the ground in Dadeville (our hometown). I immediately called Wanda and she said she was safely in the shelter with the door locked! At once I prayed for safety for my family and our home, and I stayed put where I was.

The reason for this email is to let you and Ron know, that if this had happened prior to our shelter install, I would have panicked and headed home and would have been a wreck by the time I got there. Instead I sat quietly and waited for the storm to pass, while staying very calm. I was at total peace knowing my family was safely inside a U.S. Storm Shelter. Here is where it gets interesting, when I was about 1/2 mile from our home, streets were blocked due to: downed trees, debris, fire trucks, police cars, ambulances and city officials. The reported tornado touched down 1/2 mile from our home and was later confirmed as an EF-1 tornado. If I would have panicked and headed home, there is a good chance I would have been in the middle of this tornado, GOD IS GOOD!!!! We had no damage at all at our home, but 1/2 mile away it was a different story. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW.”

James M.
Dadeville, AL

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